On instagram I was tagged to do this #20FactsAboutMeTag which is kind of fun! You get to know each other better in a not so serious way. So I also wanted to share this on my blog for all of those who don’t follow me on Instagram (which you should 😝).

Here it goes!

1. My real name is Stephanie
2. I prefer gold over silver
3. I ❤️ ’80 music & ’90 action movies
4. Lipstick & shoes are an addiction of mine
5. I have a major sweet tooth
6. I feel naked without earrings
7. I dislike clothing or accessories with a brand logo on the outside like Tommy Hilfigher or Louis Vuitton. (The only logo I could bear is Chanel 😎)
8. Eric Northman & Damon Salvatore can have me!
9. I sometimes prefer to hang with the boys instead of the girls
10. I am no sarcast. At all… #PunIntented
11. As a kid I modeled & I loved it but growing up got people jealous like ‘She knows she’s pretty’ so I quit because I HATE to be the center of attention 😞
12. I’d ❤️ to have a small tattoo! 🎀
13. Don’t bother me on my day off. Binge watching series & preparing blogposts is all I wanna do… Cooking & cleaning is for pussies 😝
14. I have claustrofobia, I especially can’t handle being in the middle of a big crowd
15. I have no Victoria Secret Angel body & I couldn’t care less! Accept who you are & be confident! It would be a boring & vain world if every one looked the same… Skinny that is. Buh!
16. I kept my blog a secret for 3 years & a half because I didn’t want any attention but then people started to take credit for “my” Tips & Tricks & I couldn’t bear it anymore. #GirlPower! Sharing is caring you fellow bloggers, it’s not always you, you & you. Feel the real appreciation…
17. When I can’t sleep I write the most amazing blogposts in my head! Then I of course fall asleep & can’t remember them the day after…
18. I believe in Karma! Did a GiveAway 2 weeks ago & I won one yesterday!
19. I ❤️ to DIY but I kind of suck @ it. Big time
20. As a child I was paid to shut up. In a funny way of course 😝

I challenge you to also do this tag. Would love to read it!



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