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Trendsetters: Kim Kardashian & Jared Leto

OMG! What is happening this week?
Not only did Jared Leto went from




But also Kim Kardashian understood that we, the blondes, have way more fun 😝


I never been a fan of Kim (Sorry!) but she truly won me over! She keeps breaking the internet over & over again.

This is how she showed up
@ Balmains Fashion Show in Paris.


I REally, TRUly, MADLy, DEEPLY ❤️ it! It looks really good on her. GO KIM GO!
You’ve got yourself a new fan 😎.

As for Jared Leto, I can’t decide weather I like it or not. He’s one of the few man who can get away with long hair & a beard! What I do love is how he looks so unrecognizably! Must be great for him to wander the streets these weeks… Because it won’t take long before EVERY single person on this planet is aware of his new look. Front page news that guy 😉



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