Must Have Monday: Barbie

It’s Barbie’s Bday & we can’t forget about that can we?!? 56 already, time flies in Mattel land…


Since Barbie is once again very populair (Hmm, could that be you Moschino??) I gathered some fun Barbie Fashion that I would totally wear 😎


What did you expect?!?


Moschino designed an amazing SS15 Barbie collection! It is awesome! As soon as it hit the runway: love @ 1st sight! I really really would love to buy a piece from the collection BUT I don’t want to go down the designer road, because once you do, for sure there is no way back…
I ❤️ my precious money just a little too much because really, do I need it? No… (YESSSSS!)






Anyhow, Jeremy Scott keeps on surprising…


I’d love this cropped sweater. With a high waisted jeans or a pencil skirt…


This phone case is hilarious! Not practical to maybe actually call with or put away in your pocket 😜 but just great…

Wildfox also jumped on the Barbie wagon!


Who wouldn’t want to go swimming in that cute bathing suit? Even I, the 27 year old one, would do so 👸


Run around city mall in this fun Ken sweater?


Or chillax @ home in this ensemble?

But I’m kind of dissapointed that Naf Naf doesn’t have a Barbie-ish collection. As a child I had this amazing barbie doll who wore Naf Naf.


Maybe it was meant to be all along 😉


So a small revival collection would be so awesome!


And then there is of course ASOS who made a copy of THE Moschino Sweater…


I could probably go on for a couple of hours but I guess this will do for now! There are many more Bday’s coming our way in the future so I need something left 😏

Were you a Barbie fan as a kid? If not, you probably are now!

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