Fashion Friday – The Bralet

Probably the most sexy piece to own @ the moment: the bralet. Not just this season but all.the.time.


I see loads & loads of lace @ Naf Naf each collection. Which is uber feminine of course but a lace bralet, that is just the highest level of sexiness to reach!


Not only does it look great but doesn’t it also feel great?!? Isn’t it liberating? I do not understand why women wear those bulky bras. Why pretending to have more boobs then you actually do? Because that’s the whole point eventually no? I understand that under some garments it looks nicer to have a beautiful cleavage & that some dresses just require “a little extra”. But ladies pls! Know when it is too much!
This aside 😊


I personally prefer wireless bras because they fit that much better. So I’m starting a bralet hunt tomorrow now I know they are once again trending. Because the only ones I found the last couple of years were or very expensive or for 12 year olds…


Instead, embrace your true self, accept your (smaller) boobs & show them with proud in a sexy bralet. I prefer sexy small boobs than obviously fake super push up boobs. But we’re all free to wear what we want & look how we want 🙂 that’s the N°1 fashion rule: Have your own style.

Where to buy them?

Nasty Gal


From left to right, top to bottom:

White Bralet – € 117,84
Red Bralet – € 115,08
Teal Bralet – € 81,16
Black Bralet – € 29,05


From left to right, top to bottom:

Nude Bra – € 25,78
Black Bra – € 27,62
Black Bra – € 27,67
Black Bra – € 41,50

Love Stories


Floral Bralet – € 60



Ivor Bralet – € 19,99



From left to right, top to bottom:

Rose Bralet – € 9,99
White Bralet – € 7,99
Floral Bralet – € 9,99
Duo Bralet – € 14,99


Black Bralet – € 14,99

Getting some?!?

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