Spring Cleaning your Closet – How To Get Started

You have an endless spring wish list but your closet clearly doesn’t agree?!?
This means you have been putting off that much time consuming but very beneficial task known as SPRING CLEANING?!?
I can’t blame you BUT I can help you πŸ˜€

I moved almost 5 years ago and my perfect boyfriend came with the perfect idea which led to my very own perfect dressing room…
Dreams can come true ^_^

Cleaning out your closet can keep you up @ night if you are as passioned about clothing as I am. Shall I keep it or should I toss it? Can I plan my closet better? Could I upgrade my storage space? Should I make some changes or just let it be?

So, how can you obtain the closet you always wanted? (Please keep it realistic ladies!)

With the right attitude & these 5 steps of phase 1 you’ll be half way there ^_^


Remember: Once you get started, there is no way back!


Yep, schedule! And don’t let anything or anyone come in between! (Not even the sun which was shining bright for the 1st time this year when I planned it! But no, I was determined to spring clean…)


Live up to this moment. Fresh start or new beginning, call it whatever you wan’t. You’ll feel satisfied you did it!


Does this need explaining?!? Even though you scheduled it, you know yourself too well so invite your best friends or sister or whomever you want. This way you can’t back down AND they can help you the ‘Sex & The City’ way!


If you prefer to do it all by yourself, like me, then make sure you have your favorite beverages & snacks @ home. Or get some home delivery last minute because not only will you need it, you will have earned it! πŸ˜‡ AND put together THE perfect playlist to keep you going! 🎢I want to break free🎢 style…


Search the internet! Or more specific, Pinterest. If you are moving and you can start from scratch, lucky you! If you can easily modify your closet space, find out how. If you have a very small closet, enough ideas out there to maximize your space! I’ll show you some perfect closet spaces tomorrow! Already 1 tip: IKEA! Ikea, ikea, IKEA! Loud & clear?!?


Gather 5 big boxes. You might need them.


you will have pieces you can’t part from even though you do not wear them at all. I’ll explain the rules later on πŸ˜‰


Unremovable stains, holes that can’t be repaired, out they go!


Things that aren’t damaged but not worth selling…


Things you hardly ever worn and were kind of pricey or still look very good/stylish, you could sell them. More about that later too…


Perfect timing to gather all your clothing that needs to be repaired. DIY if possible πŸ™‚


When you are planing on modifying your closet or dressing room you will need certain tools. Think it through before D-Day. When you’ll start your clean out, it is better to be prepared, this way you don’t have to interrupt the process to go to the store & you’ll be able to work that much faster because trust me, it can take weeks… Tips & tricks will follow

Well ladies, this is part I of many more to come! Belgian weather is shit ever since so plenty of time to get your hands dirty ^_^

Good luck with the thinking process!


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