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Closets – Pinspo

When looking for inspiration, no matter the subject, I turn to Pinterest.

In this case, cleaning out my closet. Or yours. Because mine has been cleaned. I turned my whole dressing room inside out! I’ll show you later on because I know some of you will need proof 😊

Now, pinterest, it is heaven. Divine. Nirvana. Call it whatever you like, I ❤ to find new inspiration.

Your closet is a reflection of who you are. Not just the clothing inside, but your actual closet & how you “display” your clothing & accessories.

I know most of your closets are a mess. A complete disaster. Just a bunch of clothes pilled next to another. If you can live this way, fine, have it your way. But I’m autistic when it comes down to clothing. Probably comes with the job ^_^

I hate it when people disrespect the clothing in my shop. Throw it on the floor, step on it, put it on top of a rack, miss hang it or throw it on a hanger like a piece of art. If you want to do so in your closet, go ahead, it is your clothing, you paid for it so you can do with it whatever you want. But wouldn’t it be a good thing to take really good care of your clothing? They will not only last you that much longer, you’ll feel good about yourself 🙂 you’ll find joy in getting dressed in the morning.

If all of this sounds like crap to you, well, then you clearly belong in your probably nicely cleaned kitchen… And then I’ll just be the addict, an autistic fashion lover…

If you share my thoughts, awesome! Join my club 🙂
If you want to share my thoughts, I’ll help you get there!

Phase 1.


Look at your wardrobe.
What do you see? All work & no pleasure? Or a balance between the 2? Do you wear a lot of skirts & dresses? Fancy clothing or casual? All jeans & T-shirts or a mix of everything? Are you a sporty type or a diva?

Phase 2.


Look at your closet.
Does all of your clothing fits nicely in? Is everything sorted out or does it look like a ticking bomb? Do you have to much hanging space & not enough shelves or the other way around?

Do you have proper space for a closet or is having an actual closet not an option because of the ceiling, or windows, doors,…

Do you want to experiment & prefer to create an open space without actual closets or dressers?

Phase 3.


Look at your bank account.
Can you afford a new closet? A dressing room? Some modifications?
Or do you want to keep it low key? Ikea or DIY?

For every problem, there is a solution 🙂


Probably the easiest out of all options. Not much space needed. Cheap. Nice overview. Maybe 1 small drawer on the other side of the room for underwear, accessories, swimwear,…


Almost the same but a little more expensive because of the wooden panels & the incorporated shelves. Also looks a little more stylish 🙂


Not only easy to modify but a great storage solution if you want to keep your accessories close to your actual wardrobe.


Very similar to the dressing space above but with a more sophisticated look thanks to the wooden details.


A very sleek & clean walk in closet. The all white look seems expensive but doesn’t necessary has to be.


Small & cosy but as long as you can fit everything right in without the overcrowd look or feeling, you did a great job 🙂 it’s all about the right insight & planning ahead. Think it through & a little non-useful corner in your house could become something very precious.


Ikea. My all time favorite. I love my closet. Inside & out. So many options. So easy. So affordable & lovable ^_^


As you can see, the 2 closets above ain’t that different & still they look so different. The color coordination & style of clothing does it all…


A big massive build in closet. Classic & timeless. When money ain’t a problem 🙂


Little girls, big dreams. That’s what this closet is all about! Like a fairy tail ^_^

Having some great ideas already? Was it the inspo you were looking for?

Next up, how to organize the inside of your closet. Many tips & tricks on its way!

Good luck!!!


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