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Closet Spring Cleaning – Detox your wardrobe

Preparation is key. Especially when it comes down to spring cleaning your closet. Imagine one day you decide to start spring cleaning out of the blue, just like that, because you feel like it. Chances are real it won’t go all that well. I need to think it through or my dressing room would look like hit by a storm. Which it is either way but when you have a certain goal, it will go that much easier & faster.

You read my preparation part, you saw my closet inspo, now lets get down to business!


Empty your closet space. All of it! If it’s a whole dressing room, courage


As you can see, it took me a while… And yes, there is more ^_^ my wardrobe didn’t completely fit onto our bed… Our bedroom was a battle field.


Spring CLEANING, self explanatory no?!? ^_^ TIP: Try to avoid products, plain water is sufficient enough to clean…


So this is the left side of my closet…


And this is the right side. I didn’t take the baskets out nor my necklaces because I couldn’t put them somewhere without getting tangled but you get the idea.


Now go through all of your clothing.

Remember the boxes you prepared. (Keep, donate, repair, trash & sell) Now is the time to fill them πŸ™‚

* When having doubts on a piece of clothing, try it on.

* If it is 2 sizes too small or too big, get rid of it. One size too small or big is standard procedure but I’ll go easy on you πŸ˜‰
If it’s a favorite piece of yours, vintage or expensive, see if you could get it tailored. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

* You ❀ that T-shirt so much you’ve worn it over & over again. It has holes that can’t be fixed or unremovable stains. You’ll probably want to keep it to wear @ home but don’t. Unless it holds sentimental value, no excuses when it comes down to this matter! Lounge wear also deserves some respect πŸ™‚

* Be honest with yourself. Will you wear this ever again? If you would be shopping @ this very moment, would you buy it? No? Out it goes! Yes you’re allowed to put it in your keep box. You’re probably getting curious what the rules of this box hold? 😜

* Do you own many doubles? Decide if they are all worth keeping…

Finished? Grab a snack, you deserve it πŸ˜‰


You sorted everything out so the mental hard work is done.

Was your closet a mΓ©lange? And by that I mean skirts mixed with T-shirts & dresses & sweaters & …

Make piles. T-shirts, shorts, skirts, sweaters, dresses,… You get the point… This is a must do if you want to find what you’re looking for within’ 1 minute 😊



Does these piles fit in your closet the way it is or should you make some adjustments? If so, now is the time to do so.


Put everything back into your closet. Depending on how your closet looks like you fold them or you hang them.

And most importantly, only clothing, shoes or any other fashion accessories belongs in your closet!

No books, toys, photo albums, vacuum cleaners or whatever you might be keeping in there. You don’t keep your underwear in your kitchen neither do you? Do you? 😝

I’d say, congratulations, you made it this far! Next up will be the inside of my very own closet… And how you should store your clothing properly. Because I said “put everything back into your closet”, but is your way the right way?

You’ll find out soon enough!


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