Splurge vs Steal – Festival Outfit

Festival season has begun with (the greatest of the greatest!) COACHELLA last week. 20150417-190121.jpg

Of course I had an outfit inspo post prepared but due to modern technologie, thanks Apple for the updates(!), all of my concepts turned into trashhh… So with not so much time on hands lately I decided to 🎶 Let it go 🎶 😎 20150417-203039.jpg

I found a lot of festival worthy outfits @ H&M (obviously they have a COACHELLA collection) @ NAF NAF (my 2 fav stores if you couldn’t tell already) & some perfect accessories to top it all of!

20150417-203146.jpg Like for example this drawstring backpack (NAF NAF), heart shaped sunglasses (WILDFOX), golden tatts (LUXEDY) & über statement necklace (DYLANLEX). As I said, I let it all go… But It’s COACHELLA for christ sake! I couldn’t bare the thought of not mentioning it at all. This festival is on my bucket list for years now. If I can’t go there, at least I can write about it! So – on to the true meaning of this post: If found an amazing Splurge vs Steal for you!

20150417-203528.jpg They could be twins! (Not the ladies FYI but the playsuits 😎) STONE COLD FOX vs H&M

20150417-203841.jpg My bestie sended me this picture monday. ❤️ @ 1st sight. Gorgeous, beautiful, perfection! The quest started right away.

20150417-204012.jpg Turns out it also exists in coral, a safer bet if you ask me to go to a festival with… Can’t get our hands on it (yet) so I decided to explore the internet for an equivalent.

20150417-204205.jpg I found one but of course it was way out of my budget. Without trying it on, without shipping costs, without taxes? No thanks 😎 But this doesn’t mean I can’t share it with you! Like I mentioned, you can’t tell them apart, except for the price… STONE COLD FOX sold @ REVOLVE – € 316,79 H&M – € 39,99 🌞HAPPY WEEKEND🌚


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