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Mother’s Day – Perfume Gift Guide

When it comes down to make-up & skincare, SEPHORA is my beauty walhalla. Always has been, always will be. I’ll probably never get passed their Black Card but I’m not complaining because lately, they have discounts on the daily. I literally receive one mail after the other…

Now, Mother’s day is right around the corner & we ❤️ to spoil our Mothers don’t we? I prefer to give something classic like perfume or flowers. What else to give to someone who has it all?

So you can either plan a trip to Lille (the nearest Sephora when living in Ghent) or dangerously order online (You know you’ll order more than just a gift for your mother 😉 – shipping cost is €10).

I think the link between Sephora & Mother’s day is quiet obvious!

1. The discounts! Most of the times you have around -20% so this way you could buy a more expensive perfume or add something extra!


2. No discount? No worries! From now on you’ll save your old perfume bottles! When turning in a full size empty perfume bottle, you’ll get -20% anyway! When buying a new perfume that is…


3. When ordering online, you can personalize your bottle! Ain’t that über sweet?!? You can engrave her name or a memory linked to the smell… NOTE: Not all perfume bottles are available for this service.

TIP N°1:

Their range can be wider than in Belgium beauty stores but be aware! Do your research online 1st! Sometimes a perfume can be up to €20 more expensive @ SEPHORA. And sometimes it is the other way around…



4. Try something new! There are so many cult scents on the market that have a baby sister. For example: my mother has always been a huge OPIUM fan. THE perfume in the eighties. For her Birthday last year, I gifted her BLACK OPIUM. Secretly because I ❤️ it so freaking much (wanted to buy it for myself) but also because sometimes mothers hold on to their scents & it is our responsibility to break their circle 😉 Also, lately it is all about eau fraîche, eau première, eau extraordinaire, premier délice, essence de parfum, extrait de parfum, l’absolu de parfum, eau de parfum extreme, eau de parfum intense,… You get the idea…



The one I can highly recommand (but I’m telling you in advance, it’s a love or hate affair!) CHANEL N°5 EAU PREMIERE. I ❤️ it! It is my latest scent & it is a keeper! Now I’m 100% the younger version of my grand mother & I love the idea of that. CHANEL N°5 is a classic scent but also heavy & therefore, by preference, for older ladies. But with the 🎶 summer summer summer time 🎶 right around the corner (I’m an optimist!) she’ll appreciate a lighter version. My mother also loved the scent & immediately asked me to buy one for her too. Thx mom for being original 😝


5. Afraid to try something new? Go with her cult favorite then but look for the rollerball version instead. They are getting more popular nowadays! Easy to keep in your handbag! If not available, buy her favorite scent & add a travelo dispenser. This way she can also keep a mini version of her perfume with her…


TIP N°2:

When buying online, you can ask for a gift box! They are really nice quality, sturdy & with a magnetic closure. (I always ask for a gift box ^_^ I store my nail polishes in them…)

TIP N°3:

Have you won the lottery? Well, order a giant perfume bottle! Yes they are sold @ SEPHORA 😊 The only thing separating you from a 1L perfume bottle is a couple of €1000…

Go & make your mother happy!


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