Splurge vs Steal – Mara Hoffman Summer Dress

Just like any other fashionista, I ❤ a good deal! People think I spend a lot of money on fashion & beauty products but I disagree! Discount is key to me!
99% of my make-up stash & skincare are bought on sale. When it comes down to clothing, a Splurge vs Steal is a real challenge!

I found once again a really nice one!


You probably already came across this one on Pinterest or any other fashion website. It is getting more popular each day!


It is a backless beaded gown by Mara Hoffman. And the back is fabulous!


It also comes in a black & white version. A true beauty, I know!


But beauty comes with a price… $1221 to be precise…

So working in fashion has its benefits because you know what’s on trend. And for me it’s like a hunger, because not only do I know my current collection in store, but also from all of my favorite brands. Research is like my middle name.

But that’s not how I came across this Steal, it’s a Naf Naf dress so it was kind of handed to me on a platter ^_^


Unfortunately I do not have it in store but I might plan a trip to Brussels or Lille once again! Since it is only €70, it is worth it!
Be honest, that strappy back makes your mouth drop to the floor.

It is the perfect summer dress! You know I’m right 😎


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