Motivational Monday – Squat Challenge

Sports, working out, eating healthy,… It never kept me awake @ night. But then I started running 3 times a week and eating more vegetables, fruits & power foods. It all got me exited because I truly feel better, less sick.

Now I feel like running ain’t enough. Even though I walk around at least 7h a day in my shop, with summer around the corner I feel more energized @ night and I feel as if I could really enjoy some extra movement.

But no attachments for me pls, going to the gym, weekly lessons,… I want to do it myself, wherever & whenever I feel like it.

That’s how I ended up with Blogilates! I always loved her videos, her enthusiasm (love it!) & her perseverance. How does she keeps it up?!? 😮 But I of course never practiced any of her videos until now. I am starting today! It only takes up to 5 minutes but I can imagine you’ll see & feel a difference after doing so on the daily. Legs, core, arms, just mix it up!

My all time favorite?

It made me rediscover Casey!

Are you in for a Blogilates challenge?

Maybe one day you’ll be able to do her 1000 squates… INSANE!


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