Social Media Love

Social Media is an amazing thing. It can do wonders for your professional career but it can be bad for your private life since you spent so much time ‘on being social’. You also can’t compare your own success to someone else’s because they might have bought their online success (I hate it when people do so!) or they might be that much further down the road.

Never compare your beginning to someone’s middle or ending!

But my post intention is to let you ladies know about my social media!

Because I noticed that none of you ladies follow me on any different channel 😮☺

When I 😍 something or someone, I follow all there is. You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,… Each channel has its own charms right?


You can follow me on Pinterest for a whole lot inspiration
You can follow me on Instagram for OOTD’s & travel pix
You can follow me on Facebook for last minute & random beauty & fashion news but also Giveaways!

Make sure you leave your Social Media links in the comment section & then I’ll for sure check them out!

Hope to meet you ladies in outer space 😎


One thought on “Social Media Love

  1. Indeed I have 3 blogs, fb fanpage, Twitter and a Google plus account. But I guess since there isn’t really much of a front runner anymore we gotta have a hand in everything in order to grow online. So far with all of that combined I only spawned 42000 followers

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