Summer Hair Tip 1

We all know by now that we should protect our skin from the sun but how about our hair?
The sun is as damaging to our hair as our skin. Beside the fact that there ain’t such a thing as hair cancer… But our hair is pretty weak in the summer because of those nasty UV rays and that drying out heat…



So wear a hat, a scarf, a turban, anything to keep it from the direct sunlight while sunbathing.

Or spray on some sunscreen (especially for your hair!) or a kind of sun protecting hair lotion.


For years I’ve been using Sol de Janeiro but Sephora in France doesn’t sell them anymore šŸ˜Ÿ



LANCASTER – ā‚¬ 20,75

CLARINS – ā‚¬ 25,30

SHISEIDO – ā‚¬ 27,85


HEI PAO – ā‚¬ 10,50

AVEDA – ā‚¬ 23

BUMBLE & BUMBLE – ā‚¬ 35,90

Now go enjoy the sun but PROTECT YOUR BODY & HAIR! šŸ˜Ž

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