Hair Tutorail: French Twist for long hair

If you haven’t noticed yet, my hair is extremely long. But I must admit, I mostly wear my hair up in a bun or something similar because long hair is great but it can also be a pain in the ass…

I almost never braid my hair because it takes forever to do so. I have some easy & fast hair tricks of my own & since a lot of people always ask me how I do it, I finally got myself to do a tutorial. It’s the most basic ‘movie’ ever since it’s been ages that I worked with a video editing program ^_^

So here it goes!

In the movie I simply show you how I do it. It is possible in under 1 minute but maybe you need a little practice.

1st of all, let me show you what I use for all my hair updo’s because that’s my 1st beginners mistake. I didn’t show you my tools.


I use some sort of twisted hair pins. 4 for this hair style to be exact.


I bought them years ago at Claire’s for €6,95. You get 3 of them for this price. They exist in blonde or brown. I use them…

Now on to the explanation of the tutorial!

* I gather my hair together in a low pony tail.

* While I hold this with one hand, I start to twist my hair around with my other hand.

Now the “complicated” part:

* I twist up my pony tail with my left hand. This way I pull my hair up & it gets “trapped” inside.

* By twisting it this way, you can pull it tight & the updo can really last you for days!

* As you can see I formed a loop on top of my head which I hold on to tight with my indexfinger.

* I once again twist my remaining hair with my free hand & start to tuck it in under the twist I just formed.

* You can pull a little on the twist so you can cover up all the remaining hair you just tucked in.

* Now grab your pins & start at the bottom. I put in 1 pin at the bottom. Make sure that it’s attached firmly to your head.

* Put in 2 pins at the side. You’ll notice when you didn’t put them in correctly. It’s an easy spinning motion.

* Now let go of the loop on the top of your head, you might want to tuck in some of it & you might pull some of the hair you already pinned in place over the part you still need to attach.

* Just look in the mirror & adjust how you want the front to look like.

* Put your last pin in place.

Et Voila!

This might sound easier than it looks like but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see it is actually piece of cake!

Possible in under 1 minute…

The end result!



Good luck with this look!

Let me know if you tried so yourself!


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