Perfect Summer Legs

I’m a coco addict. Hardcore šŸ˜Ž Thailand made me that way šŸŒ“

So I use coconut oil for almost everything. But more about that in a upcoming post later this week.

Today’s post:


Many bodyscrubs are super expensive. Or at least that’s my opinion. Need proof?


Human + kind – ā‚¬ 14,95 – 200ml
Ahava – ā‚¬ 32 – 220g
Collistar – ā‚¬ 44,95 – 700g
La priarie – ā‚¬ 106,15 – 200ml

So I simply make my own! And I’ll show you how…



ā€¢ Coconut Oil
ā€¢ Sugar


ā€¢ Food coloring
ā€¢ Essential oil

So mix some coconut oil with some sugar (any sugar you like) until you get the consistency you like. I use more sugar than coconut oil FYI.


Then I added 2 drops of pink food coloring & 1 drop of blue food coloring to get a light lavender hue. Because that’s what it is unfortunately, a hue instead of a pretty color šŸ˜Ž I’ll try better next time…

You can make it any color you want & add whatever scent you like the most.

I added some lavender essence, a calming coconut scrub will help me through sales that are coming up!

Now what do I use it for?

For my legs!

Since I got back from Spain, my legs have never been so dry. So I scrub & scrub & scrub them some more.


If it doesn’t seem enough, I use my Clarisonic (normal brush head) to add a little extra scrubbing effect. Afterwards, I use a washing cloth to remove most of the sugar but I do not wash away the coconut oil because…

Then ladies, I shave them! They are so super smooth & soft afterwards. Perfect for summer!

Wash away everything but let the oil sit, sink into your skin. Read a magazine in the meantime…

Have fun making these & enjoy the smoothness!

PS: You can off course use the scrub all over your body šŸ˜Ž

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