Top 5 to buy @ Primark

Many women lose control by hearing the word ‘Primark’. They literally go insane.
I used to be one of them, the day I found out Primark was coming to my hometown, Ghent. About 4 years ago I guess?!? But I never entered a Primark. I just heard the stores are amazing & I knew I wanted to be the store manager… Until I visited a Primark IRL for the very 1st time… Such a disappointment!

But I understood why Primark is that cheap rightaway. No good looking store (it looks like a factory in my opinion), no marketing or publicity at all, no online shop,… And of course they order like a million pieces of everything because they get sold anyway…

Primark is bad for the economy… People compare. And if Primark can sell their fashion this cheap, they expect other brands to do so as well. People 😍discount, no denying there.

But I’m not a party pooper! It’s your right to ❤ it!
I wont deny, you’ll find Primark in my dressing room. But just a few pieces.

Love it or hate it!



These shoes! Perfect to travel. Pretty comfortable. € 3 only… I buy some each time I’m in Spain…


You can never have enough insoles right? Especially when you’re a high heel lover like me… €3 – €1,5


My skin is super sensitive & can’t stand facial cleansing wipes BUT these are just fine! I hardly use wipes but if I do, it are these babies. 3-pack for €3. Great to keep in your nightstand in case you forgot to remove your make-up…


My latest discovery. Argan Oil. Small tube, easy to travel. HASK seems a pretty nice brand & I fell in love. €2,5 for some hair lovin’ on the go…


We all need underwear & my favorites happen to cost €1! Not as comfortable as the €7 version @ Hunkemöller because they come in 1 size only but who or what is perfect after all?!?


Aside my top 5, their collection can be pretty fashionable but I never spotted any of them in store this far…



And their accessories are on fleek as well…

Primark is opening tomorrow morning @ 11AM in Ghent. Will you be in line?


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