From cAtwalk to cloZet: Black Cape

September means ‘end of summer’. Less sun, leafs start to fall, days get shorter & colder BUT most importantly it is THE fashion month of the year. So luckily we Fashionistas have something to look forward to once we realize summer is over…

Each year we drool over so many gorgeous looks & each year we wish we could be part of it. Or at least afford 1 piece shown on that fabulous runway!

Luckily for you I now & then spot something that you can buy right as we speak for way less!

Ponchos re-ruled the streets last winter & they are still hitting the runway for coming spring (If only spring was already right behind the corner).

So what did I discover?

A gorgeous black cape on Kate Spade’s runway!


I personally would never wear a black cape when flowers start to bloom but who am I? I on the other hand, would wear one right now šŸ˜Ž


Or even better! I’m blonde so I would go for a RED cape!


Where did I found the exact same one? @ Naf Naf of course! For only ā‚¬ 99,99. Pretty sure that the Kate Spade one will be way more expensive…

Who else is in love? šŸ˜



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