Hair Tip: Change your hairstyle on the daily

Never wear the same hair style twice in a row.


An elastic band ain’t just dead row for wet hair but for long hair in general IF you wear a ponytail every single day on the same spot. Like I mentioned this summer, your hair will break.


So switch it up!

High ponytail, low ponytail, left, right, a braid,… The possibilities are endless! This way your elastic band has a different contact point each day. Your hair will be able to recover from the day before. Especially tight ponytails are the devil himself!





I know I wear a high bun like 5 X a week BUT I use Spiral Pins which DO NOT harm your hair at all 🙂 (unless your bun is really really tight & you have to force your spiral pins in there)



2 thoughts on “Hair Tip: Change your hairstyle on the daily

  1. Thank you for your sharing all your hairstyle. I would love to try that spiral pins but I don’t know how to use them? Is it easy to put on? Thank you.

    1. Hi! Yes. I find them very easy! I use them And I’ve been having them for 6 years now I think. Maybe it’s all about getting the hang out of it in the beginning but once you do, they are so worth it! You just twist them inside your bun. I have a very small video on YouTube where I use them. A chignon: I should make some new videos, close-ups… But then you might have an idea as you realy see me twisting them 🙂 Good luck!

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