Miu Miu – The Fragrance Issue

Miu Miu… Not my all time favorite designer but they do have some pretty great stuff!

Amazing handbags, shoes, sunglasses,…

And their SS16 was also on fleek!


But that’s not what this is about. It’s about their very first fragrance. Yep! Many Miu Miu lovers have been waiting for this day to come because lets be honest, how many designers don’t own a scent already? What am I talking about, complete perfume lines! Foundations, nail polishes, lipsticks,… A whole beauty line! Is this the beginning of a whole new Miu Miu collection?


Anyway. Miu Miu. Not only does it look gorgeous, it also smells gorgeous! I love the smell!

It’s main accords:

White Floral

Top Note: Lily-Of-The-Valley
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rose & Green notes
Base Note: Akigalawood

I’m always curious about new perfumes. Because sometimes you have a scent in mind but IRL it’s nothing like it!

But no worries, I discovered this amazing website: Fragrantica It’s a perfume encyclopedia. You can catalogue the perfumes you have, had & want. It tells you all about its main accords & its notes. Top, middle & base. I know (or knew) nothing about notes & accords but now I looked them (my perfumes) up, I know that I like White Floral a lot! Woody is my 2nd favorite followed by powdery, balsamic & floral. This way I noticed that my favorite perfumes did make sense. They are all kind of “similar”.

So when you like a certain fragrance, it gets connected to your database. This way, when a new scent comes out, you look it up & it shows you the perfumes that are also liked by people who liked that specific fragrance you just looked up.

I’ll tell you about Miu Miu’s “smell alikes”:

Florabotanica by Balenciaga

Black Opium by YSL

Alien by Thierry Mugler

and many many more are “linked” to this perfume. I choose those 3 because I like them. A lot! Alien is one of my signature scents ^_^ By looking up all of my perfumes, it’s accords, the perfumes linked to it I know it’s all quite correct in my case!

Where 2 buy:

I’d say Sephora!

It’s not always the cheapest when it comes down to perfume but for once it is! I’m an encyclopedia myself 😉 I’ll compare it all for you!

€49 for 30ml (vs €58,9 @ Ici Paris XL)
€75 for 50 ml (vs €82,5 @ Ici Paris XL)
€99 for 100 ml (vs €110 @ Ici Paris XL)

On top of that, I got a 25% discount code! I know right ^_^ (If you want it, just ask me!)

My tester is almost empty so I might buy it! Will you?

Love it or hate it!




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