SWEATER WEATHER | How to fold your sweaters & why

Baby, it’s cold outside. Or not really. Yet…
Doesn’t matter. My thicker sweaters are already on a daily rotation. Because this way I can still wear my thinner jackets with chunky scarfs. Nothing screams FASHION like a well put together outfit consisting of many thought-out layers.

But this isn’t about layering. Storage is where it all begins.
When having a nice overview of all you own in your closet, it does not only save you TIME but also MONEY. Because the things you don’t see are forgotten. Which leads to you buying pieces you already own because you simply didn’t realize you had them…

I’m pretty sure most of you suck at folding & putting things nicely on a hanger ^_^ I see proof of that in my store. Daily.
But I am obviously autistic when it comes down to this…

Most of you put your sweaters on hangers. Correct? DON’T!

1. There are many types of hangers so if you start out by using the wrong type of hangers, you can damage them.
2. Some sweaters are too heavy or too delicate. By putting them on hangers tout court, you are, once again, damaging them. They can lose their form easily. They can get all sagged out.

So you should FOLD THEM! Do you?

GOOD! But how? Like this?


Ain’t that a “nice” pile of sweaters? 😇


How about now? Not that nice anymore huh? I only removed one sweater. I was cold! Kidding…


And now? That pile ain’t pile worthy anymore.

Ok, stop. I gotta admit, it was hard for me to make that pile sloppy. I CAN remove a sweater and leave the pile “pile worthy” so it probably doesn’t look that bad to you, but I still hope you get my point. Which is, it is HARD to leave a pile of sweaters looking good, nicely folded & wrinkle free when you pull out a sweater. Right in the middle.

Let me show you know HOW YOU SHOULD pile your sweaters.


Like it?

1. Find yourself a big drawer.
2. Fold your sweaters. A little smaller than you are used to. Instead of folding them in 2, fold them in 3. Or maybe 4, it depends on the height of your drawer. (I have to admit, this will be easier if you have open drawers that are part of a big closet instead of a drawer unit).
3. Store them up right! One next to the other. It can get tight in there but that’s ok.

Even when you remove some, it will still look ok.


I removed 4 big sweaters on the left & 4 on the right.
They stay upright & are still nicely folded.



I know I cheated a little with my thinner sweaters and made a classic pile on the right but you’ll notice that some won’t stay upright since they are too thin or delicate. Just remove all of the sweaters on top of the one you want, take your sweater & put the other ones back. Your pile will look untouched.

Yeah I hear you, you could do the same with the 1st method that I showed you but again. You COULD. But WOULD you?

And lets be honest, this way you have a very very VERY nice overview of all your sweaters. trust me, you’ll never go back to classic piling ^_^

As a bonus, I’ll list you some MUST HAVE SWEATERS.

1. A classic black turtle neck.
A thinner one is great to layer underneath a sleeveless dress. Looks 👍 with a skirt. Add a statement necklace et voila.


2. A cable knit sweater.
Nothing screams more cosy winter then this! Nice with a jeans. And for a more sophisticated look, put a collared shirt underneath.


3. An oversized sweater.
For those extra cold days. The ultimate layer piece! Dress down a skirt or sweater with this piece & add a chunky scarf for outdoors.
Layer underneath your parka for extra warmth.


4. A cashmere sweater. Delicate. Classic. Feminine. Sophisticated.

5. A sweatshirt. COMFORT, that’s what it is all about.



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