Lips without lipstick are like cakes without frosting

Lipstick. I can’t live without. I’ll rarely leave the house without any in my bag. Any? Multiple! Half of my bag is filled with lip creams. But not everyone is fond of lipsticks.

A lot of women think they don’t have the lips for it, think the color is too loud, don’t like the consistency,…

If you don’t have the lips for it, Adjust the shape!

Color too loud, go for a softer shade.

Too sticky, try a stain,…

whatever you do, make it work woman!

But this post is for those who dare to wear lipstick. Or those who are as crazy about as I am.

A regular red lip? ✔


A dark lip? ✔


But how about an ombré lip? Maybe you like a red lip but you think a dark lip is too dark? Then this is the way to adapt. A red lip in the centre but dark on the outside.

Easy as hell. It takes me 90 seconds chrono!

I use lipcreams. Not only easy to apply but it stays all day. Matte formula, my favorite 🙂 Also, a lipcream is wet when you apply it & dries to a matte longwear formula after about a minute so your ombré wont budge.


My go to lipcreams? Well Sephora of course! Don’t you know me at all? 😱

The darkest shade is N°4. Not available anymore since they change on a yearly basis 😩
The lighter color I (mostly use) is (I think because the sticker fell off ^_^) N°3 Strawberry Kissed.
That’s why I also photographed N°1 Always Red because I sometimes use that color. And when I feel like it, I dab a very small amount of red on top of N°3 ^_^ But only in the middle! Just a tiny little dab…


I always begin my make-up routine with some chapstick. Mostly rosebud salve. Then I apply my foundation & do my eyes. This way it can soften & moisturize my lips. Then I remove it all & put some “leftover” foundation on so I can smoothly apply my lipstick.


Start with applying the darkest color. Outline your lips with it.


Now apply the brighter color in the center. (I used to use red, now I prefer a more pinkish red).


Presh your lips together. Like when you blot your lipstick on a tissue but without the tissue 😉 Multiple times. But softly. Do NOT rub your lips together! Continue this technique gently until you achieve your desired look. I mostly do this about 5 times.


You’ll see the 2 colors blend into eachother.


Et voila! If that wasn’t easy, I don’t know what is!


Give it a try! Take a picture! Show me ^_^

Tag #NannisLipstickJungle on instagram to show me!

Good luck my dears!



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