Wishlist Wednesday – Karl Lagerfeld

Just like any woman out there I ❤ handbags. I didn’t @ first but lightning stroke me a couple of years ago… And all handbag-loving ladies will agree on the following: there’s something magical about designer bags.

Maybe because they are mostly out reach?

Luxury is a discipline

I could buy designer bags but that would mean I’d walk the streets naked because I wouldn’t have any money left to buy clothes.

On top of that

Designer bags are a drugs

Where to stop? Draw the line? Get your act together and man up?!?

So I decided to stay away from them. Be the smarter half of me.

Who was I kidding?!?


Half a year ago I fell head over heels with a Chloé Bag. The ‘Drew’. Promised myself to buy one for my 30th Bday (still have a year and a half to decide on the color).

Ever since I had many butterflies in my stomach. So many gorgeous hand bags that pop out of nowhere screaming my name! But I can resist! 😎 I thought…

Meet my love of 2015


It’s a Karl Lagerfeld. €495. Which is “acceptable”. But I didn’t want to spend the money. Saw it for the 1st time last summer. Then I forgot about it. Saw it in a window display. Looked it up again. Started melting on the inside. Took a look in the shop 2 months later. Fell deeper in love because I touched its beauty…

Zalando seemed to be my hero. They sold it! Which meant I could easily get €10 discount. Which is, lets be honest, nothing. How about -10%? Did it excist?!? Probably…

It did! I was so happy which is ridiculous because -10% really? That’s peanuts! But still €50 in Karl’s case ^_^ so I wanted to buy it so badly. But I was going to Thailand and more specifically even Bangkok. Maybe I’d found a cheaper one overthere? Or something else so I would feel guilty about this one? So I resisted.

I came back empty handed (Besides Sephora…). And of course the 10% deal was off the table…

Black Friday around the corner! Could it? Would it?

15% ladies & gentlemen! No stopping me this time! Had to have it! Then the boyfriend got mad. Couldn’t buy it. Something about ruining my Christmas. So I didn’t. Saw him being sneeky with the IPad. So I was in heaven. Seemed like a done deal to me…

There was no Karl under my christmas tree 😩 Where did I go wrong?!? Dissapointment all over the place…

I went all in for sales. 1st day -23% 💪🏼 Now we’re talking! But still more than 3 available so I wanted to be patient. One week later. Nothing changed. 2 weeks… 3 weeks went by, still the same. I looked it up every single day. Deadline I gave myself: 31st of January. Perfect deal! Not buying anything else on sale in the meantime so I earned it big time!

Discovery of the day:

😱 I nearly cried. How did this happen? From more than 3 to 0 in less than 25h?!? Kidding me Zalando?!?

For the last couple of hours I’ve been searching the world wide web. Poland? Italy? Full price? Not up for it 😢

Lesson of the day:

British website. Standard price £178. On sale £61. For real?!? “Pas possible”! Steering clear…

Decided to have a glass of wine, think about my actions & tell myself to learn from my mistakes.
Do miracles excist? Who knows. But I’m not counting on it…


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