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Tested & approved? – Hunkemöller Stick on Bra | Plunge

I work in retail. A Naf Naf Boutique to be more specific. And we sell a lot of dresses. Speciality of ours ^_^ But there are many dresses with an open back and sometimes a lovely ‘décolleté’. And every single day I get asked “Which bra should I wear underneath?” When I tell women about “all the special bras out there” it’s as if I’m talking chinese. Some have never heard of it or have no clue where to get it.

So let me introduce to you some MUST HAVE BASICS!

A regular stick on bra

* It sticks on the inside with a little ‘hole’ for your nipple.
* The 2 cups are attached to each other.
* Can have a push-up effect.

Perfect for open back tops & dresses BUT not a loose one. When you’ll start sweating in the summer or during dancing, you might loose your bra ^_^ So you wear it by preference under something tight.

I have a black & nude one. I wear them a lot! Almost weekly & sometimes even twice a week. Depends on the time of the year AND on my work uniforms. Many open back dresses remember 😉

Can easily cost €25. Mine maybe €2,5 (AliExpress sshht 😉)

But how about those plunged necklines?

I bought this dress almost 3 years ago. I wore it for the 1st time on NYE because it has an open back & deep V-neck. I couldn’t find a bra that was not showing in the back AND in the front. Not wearing any wasn’t a solution because then it looked too big & depending on my movements you could see a little too much now & then 😎

So I bought this bra almost 2 years ago. A very special form as you can see. You can remove the shoulder straps AND you can put a strap in between in the back. This goes around your waist once and this way the bra is pulled down in the back which is also nice for open back dresses. But there isn’t much breast covered 🙂


Have one in black & nude. Wore it underneath my NYE dress. I was carefull with my movements because of the not so perfect cups but  it stayed in place. Not a perfect bra but it can serve you well sometimes.

Could again be expensive. (Mine is once again from AliExpress. Only a couple of euro’s)



Available @ Hunkemöller right now for only €10 instead of €34,99.

The difference with a regular sticky bra:

* One piece
* Side tape
* Underwires
* Plunged wire

What I ❤️ about it:

+ Side sticks really well

+ Plunged middlepiece is PERFECT for deep V necks


+ Price 😉

What I not so much like about it:
– The wired middlepiece can hurt when you bend over or sit.
– The underwires & cups are so straight that it’s like a pancake! This leads to the bra not sticking on to the upper part of my breast (without wearing a top or dress)


You can see it is just standing up straight.



There’s always some clear foil attached to the sticky parts to protect it.

I first remove the foil from the cups & stick it on (1)

Then I remove the foil from the sides (2) & attach the side parts.


Most people don’t know you can wash these. Just use some regular soap & wash it in the sink. They’ll once again stick perfectly!

So tested & approved? 👍
I wore mine all day under a tank top. Which is of course body hugging but it didn’t move at all!

Go get yours today! Last day of sales 🎉


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