Know your basics | part I


I could talk an hour about how most of you are afraid to wear
* color
* prints
* mix prints & colors
and how probably most of your wardrobe are probably basics & you still claim to have nothing to wear with such an “eccentric” piece.

Bitch please! 😎

One of my uniforms at the moment is an “eccentric” blue floral skirt & I’ll show you how you could style it up around the clock!

Naf Naf – €59,99



Every woman needs a red dress in her closet (and some red pumps of course). Red is such a vibrant color. It can make such a statement.


Naf Naf – €59,99 (but €41,99 for the next couple of 10 days).


H&M – €39,99

This dress has the most basic cut you could imagine. But it does have a cute bow in the back.


The skirt is very colorful so you can match it whatever you like. So this red dress is for sure a matchmaker.


Together with some matching red pumps, you have a whole new party proof combo! No one has to know you’re wearing a dress underneath. They’ll probably never notice….

Bring on the sun!

What do you think?


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