Know your basics | part II

Last week I presented the first “know your basics” look with my new uniform skirt. A red dress. The skirt itself is a colorful high waist A-line skirt with a little tule underneath.

Naf Naf – €59,99


This week I paired it with a jeans shirt. You need at least one! Naf Naf – €39,99


It is very versatile. Follow me on Instagram and you’ll see many jeans shirt outfits passing by 😊 It goes with absolutely everything. Yes, EVERYTHING.

So the skirt was rather dressed up chic last week. Bday dinner/party.
This weeks outfit was way more dressed down. Day at the beach perhaps?


Some sort of sneakers & you are once again good to go!


This might be a very young look but what the heck! (Might be because of the braids that I had done at the hair salon ^_^) Pair it with some heels then if you prefer. It will still look great.

New look next week!

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