Berlin City Trip

In 2015 I turned a Belieber. Did I turn a Berliner in 2016? Keep reading to find out all about it!

I always said that I would never go to Germany. You know ‘always’ & ‘never’. The 2 most untrue words in the world…

Never say never.

So what’s new? I visited Berlin! Yep, I truly did. I dislike the German language. A lot. So I never wanted to visit Germany but I did. Milestone! #StoryOfMyLife


So lets start at the beginning. The hotel. Or should I say THE hotel because I fell in love. DEEP!

25h hotel bikini

Sounds trendy right? Damn right it was! A trendy industrial jungle…


The entrance is ‘unexpacted’. There’s no lobby.
Elevator at your left, for the hotel guests.
Elevator at your right, for the party people. (More about that later.)

The elevator has some dark mirrored video walls. So you know what’s coming next probably won’t dissapoint.


The lobby is great. You have a delicious bakery at your left with some hammocks & a trendy gift shop. At your right a jogging corner, some computers & sitting area.



Our room 😮 Amazing park view! Not just any park view, the Berlin Zoo! Monkeys, lions, giraffes, bambi’s, all kind of birds,… And all of this can be looked at right from your very own hammock. Heaven…




The design of the room is nice. The bathroom concept is unique, I liked it a lot.



On the floor above there’s a sauna. With the exact same view! I never sat in a sauna with a glass wall. Let alone a zoo view. Very relaxed, not crowded at all. Shower is nice, lounge area. And the floor is to die for! Little extra: You can ask for a sauna bag at the reception. This contains a bathrobe, slippers & some towels. (As shown above).





The top floor is for the Neni Restaurant & Monkey Bar. Without a reservation you’ll probably never get seated in this trendy restaurant. And without the will to stand in line for a very long time, you’ll probably never get into the bar. On Saturday we returned to the hotel at 5PM & the entrance was crowded! When we returned to the hotel around 12PM after diner, the queue went all the way outside…


We never had a drink in the bar because of the many people but we did had diner at the restaurant on Friday. It was very nice! Eventhough it’s not my favorite cuisine, I enjoyed the food a lot! Especially the Thai fried chicken salad. Crunchy chicken is all I want in life! So hard to find…


There’s a big greenery in the middle of the restaurant & there are plants all around…


Of course we twice had breakfast & I must say, THE best breakfast I ever had! I never eat breakfast at home. Besides a banana on my way to work. But when on a holiday I can eat for 1 hour straight. Everything.I.Like.
They had this amazing muesli bar, multiple yoghurts & fruits & a honeycomb! Njum! Bread, crackers, cheese, slices of chicken,… The scrambled eggs where finger licking good & they even had warm rice pudding. I couldn’t stop eating.



As you can tell, if there were a snow storm & we wouldn’t have been able to leave the hotel, I wouldn’t have mind ^_^

Funny creepy side story. The hall way made us think of the movie ‘Hostel’…



Now on to the real Berlin. We visited the obvious.



This church was bombed during WWII. So they renovated it just so it wouldn’t collapse in the late fifties & they build a new belfry right next to it.

This church was right in front of our hotel..



The Victory Column was build in honor of a war they won in 1864. While building it, they won some more so they simply added a brass statue on top.

It’s in the middle of a big intersection in the Grosse Tiergarten park, which is located next to the 25h hotel bikini.

Brandenburger Tor


It is the most important gate of Berlin. It was build in 1788 & it is the only one remaining. The statue on top was taken by Napoleon to Paris as spoils of war but 8 years later it was brought back & became the symbol of victory. It got lost during WWII so it is a replica ever since.


Bode Museum


Restaurations took 6 years but it reopened 10 years ago so you are good to go 😉 You can mainly find sculptures in the 66 (!) rooms.

Potsdamer Platz





This place has some very nice architecture! There’s also a small piece of Berlin Wall still standing but it is sad. Hundreds of bubblegums is all you can see…

Berliner Dom


The most important church in Berlin. Gorgeous in & out!

Holocaust Mahnmal



This monument makes you sad but at the same time you feel like a child wanting to play hide & seek so you end up laughing after all. Very intriguing…

The Berlin Wall


The Berlin Wall is impressive. You just can’t imagine there was this huge wall dividing everything in 2. The art seen on it is very beautiful. I only took 1 picture because I wanted to look at it through my very own eyes & not through the lens of my phone. Bizarre feelings once again.

Checkpoint Charlie





This wan’t as impressive as I thought it would be. Very american. You can have a picture with the officers for I think 5€ or so. The one on the left was hitting on all the girls. Funny thing ^_^



The buddy bear is Berlin’s ambassador since 2001. They stand for friendly attitude & optimism.
You can find them all over the place! The 1st bear we came across, without knowing there were many more & what they stand for, wasn’t that lucky because we decided to have this picture ^_^ Now I know why some people didn’t look so friendly at us…


Photo boots all over the place! Great souvenirs but not always great quality. Avoid the one at checkpoint charlie… Prices aren’t always the same. The more you pay, the better the experience!


ET @ Madame Tussaud!


A fish tank outside the Berliner Zoo.


Many crazy colored pipelines all through the city!


Pleasant walking trails.


Small statues here & there


And some very crafty artwork along the way!



Nowhere to be found: Boule de Berlin!

They put them on their postcards, they are named after Berlin but where are they sold?!?


Everywhere to be found: Kebab!

But They do claim the Kebab. Said to be the best in the world. Sadly we didn’t had any fast food at all…




1st lunch we had. Multiple restaurants all through the city. Italian. Cool concept since every customer gets a consuming card. You have to stand in line & order yourself. It all gets registered on the card. You pay at the front door when leaving. Easy if you want every one to pay for his own meal. Good food. Fresh basil leafs & herbs on the table!


Spindler & klatt


Crazy party venue! It is kind of in the middle of nowhere. Harbor/industrial like place. It’s quiet a walk to get to the very entrance but once you’re inside you’ll understand why. The place is huge! And once you’re done eating, tables are putt aside. It transform into a disco at midnight & outside there’s a massive waiting line all around the block…





So did I ❤ Berlin? Yes I did. When I was there I thought it was ok. Bucket list material & that’s it. But now writing all of this, I do wanna go back even though I never wanted to go in the first place & I said I wouldn’t return still being there. But looking back it was a relaxing weekend. Probably nicer when less cold, still lots of good restaurants to visit,… Never say never is what we learned!


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