Know your basics | part III

I have nothing to wear.

All women say this at least once in their life. Excuse me, once a week. A day?

Ok. You get the point. We have a closet full of “stuff” and we mostly have no clue what to wear. I personaly have no such issue. Is it because I really do know what I own & where (exactly) to find it in my closet? Maybe. Or is it because I mix EVERY.LITTLE.THING. I have. Perhaps. I reinvent it all. All the time. Of course I have some go to outfits but they’ll rarely look exactly the same.

It is all about (yep, you guessed it) the BASICS. Without them, you are lost.

So this week, the striped tee. It goes literaly with everything.

See for yourself.

Meet my uniform skirt that I have been styling with a red dress & jeans shirt in previous posts.

Naf Naf – €59,99


This week I paired it like this:


It is again a ‘every day’ look. Plain & simple. It will instantly look chicer if you wear a heel instead of a sneaker but I’m trying to switch up the hight of my heels as much as possible. You probably wont be able to go to work in it, but I sure can ^_^. So you can wear it in the weekend? To go grocerie shopping & relax in your garden afterwards?

Go for it!


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