Do I hear wedding bells?!? | 5 Do’s & don’ts

We are getting married!!!


Just kidding… That would be the joke of the year ^_^

You either are married or divorced. Single or engaged. You want the complete princess treatement wedding or you had a small private wedding on a beach.

You love weddings! Hate them? It doesn’t matter!
Either way, you’ll end up at one sooner or later. Once in your life or a couple of 100 times. You know the newlyweds very well or not at all. Or even worse, you can’t stand the bride. One way or another, all couples want the same thing on THEIR special day. Everything to go smoothly, everyone to like one another, love, love & some more love.
Who cares if you don’t want to go or you hate them, suck it up! Because maybe one day, it will be your wedding day and you might have some guests that feel the same way. And in the end, you’ll want no drama on your wedding neither. No awefull ‘remember how he/she did/wear this or that’ stories, right? ^_^

No more preaching! On to business!

Dont’s of wedding attire.

Wear no black!


Ladies please, it is a happy joyful day! So why would you want to wear a black dress? Yes you can’t do no wrong with a LBD but why would you? I have been guilty of this myself many years ago but I paired it with red lips, red nails, a red belt & red shoes to live it up a little. So if you really really need your LBD, do the same. Add some color to your outfit.


Wear no white!


There are so many women who do not understand why they shouldn’t be wearing a white dress or ensemble to a wedding. If you do, it is plain simple to me. You are a poseur.
The bride is the shining star of the day, grant her this. If you can’t stand the urge to wear white to a wedding, again, pair it the right way. And for me there is only one way. A black jacket, black shoes, black handbag, black everything. To tone it all down.


No casual wear!

I’m not going into detail but

  • No jeans
  • No sneakers
  • No sports wear
  • No ripped clothing of any kind
  • No band or funny quote T-shirts
  • No concert bracelets!

Strangely, to some this just doesn’t state the obvious.


I personally believe it is only allowed to wear black or white to a wedding if the dress code says so. Maybe the bride is wearing a red dress? Maybe the bride really wants everyone to wear the same style/color.


Do’s of wedding attire.



Nothing brings more joy than flowers. The smell of flowers reminds us of spring, happiness & the sun. It makes people happy, simple as that. So a floral dress brings happy & joyful memories.



Bright colors, pastel colors, it doesn’t matter. It has the same effect as flowers, happy & joyful thoughts!



The best advice I can give you all:

  • Check with the newly weds. What will the theme colors be for instance?
  • Check the dresscode on the invite & respect that.
  • Inform about what kind of wedding it will be so you’ll blend in instead of stand out.



This is actualy all I have to say about wedding attire 🙂
Women come to my shop on the daily because they need a dress for a wedding. And many of them go for a black dress or a white dress while I have so many beautiful colored dresses in store! They see no wrong in their doing. Some are very mean & even want to upset the bride (true story: 5 friends, all wanting a white dress because they hated the bride & they wanted to outshine her), some believe that no matter what they’ll wear, they’ll look nicer than the bride anyways & some just have no clue. Drama, drama…







This is also the perfect occassion to highlight the wedding & ceremonie collection of Naf Naf!





Of course I have many more in store!


Naf Naf has the most gorgeous dresses all year round & they know it! They even wanted to put them in the spotlight so they put together a whole wedding/ceremonie contest on their website (which is ending this weekend). A French comedienne put together some tutorials with hidden discount codes but that’s not all! This Friday & Saturday, I get to be the bride for a weekend! Come visit me in store (Naf Naf in Gent, Belgium for those wondering) between 12 pm & 6 pm to catch my wedding bouquet (5 times) & win all kinds of prices. Flowers & gift cards for the win!


Excited yet? See you soon!


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