Know your basics | part II

Last week I presented the first “know your basics” look with my new uniform skirt. A red dress. The skirt itself is a colorful high waist A-line skirt with a little tule underneath. Continue reading “Know your basics | part II”


Know your basics | part I


I could talk an hour about how most of you are afraid to wear
* color
* prints
* mix prints & colors
and how probably most of your wardrobe are probably basics & you still claim to have nothing to wear with such an “eccentric” piece.

Bitch please! 😎

One of my uniforms at the moment is an “eccentric” blue floral skirt & I’ll show you how you could style it up around the clock! Continue reading “Know your basics | part I”


SWEET VALENTINE’S DAY | Blonde Brownie Recipe

VALENTINE’S DAY ain’t around the corner no more! It’s right at our doorstep ^_^
I’m not a “Valentine’s Day practicer” because it is way more fun to receive some flowers ‘just because’. Have a nice romantic diner ‘just because’. Buy a little gift ‘just because’!
We, the boyfriend & me, show love & appreciation all day every day ^_^ It drives our beloved ones crazy but we don’t care!
Vday became such a fake happening. The economy won’t say no to it! Flowers, chocolate, parfum, brunches, diner dates, weekend getaways,… Urgh!

But what the heck! It is VDAY so lets try & be romantic. So I decided last minute to bake my favorite: Blonde Brownie! Continue reading “SWEET VALENTINE’S DAY | Blonde Brownie Recipe”



Valentine’s day is all about gifts. But the only gifts you need to buy, are gifts to yourself ^_^ You don’t want to be part of a world wide fake love event do you?

So what do you need? Love! Love is all you need. And there’s nothing more love-screaming than hearts.

Designer Bags: Continue reading “THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS | Musthaves”

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Tested & approved? – Hunkemöller Stick on Bra | Plunge

I work in retail. A Naf Naf Boutique to be more specific. And we sell a lot of dresses. Speciality of ours ^_^ But there are many dresses with an open back and sometimes a lovely ‘décolleté’. And every single day I get asked “Which bra should I wear underneath?” When I tell women about “all the special bras out there” it’s as if I’m talking chinese. Some have never heard of it or have no clue where to get it.

So let me introduce to you some MUST HAVE BASICS! Continue reading “Tested & approved? – Hunkemöller Stick on Bra | Plunge”