Lips without lipstick are like cakes without frosting

Lipstick. I can’t live without. I’ll rarely leave the house without any in my bag. Any? Multiple! Half of my bag is filled with lip creams. But not everyone is fond of lipsticks.

A lot of women think they don’t have the lips for it, think the color is too loud, don’t like the consistency,…

If you don’t have the lips for it, Adjust the shape!

Color too loud, go for a softer shade.

Too sticky, try a stain,…

whatever you do, make it work woman!
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SWEATER WEATHER | How to fold your sweaters & why

Baby, it’s cold outside. Or not really. Yet…
Doesn’t matter. My thicker sweaters are already on a daily rotation. Because this way I can still wear my thinner jackets with chunky scarfs. Nothing screams FASHION like a well put together outfit consisting of many thought-out layers.

But this isn’t about layering. Storage is where it all begins.
When having a nice overview of all you own in your closet, it does not only save you TIME but also MONEY. Because the things you don’t see are forgotten. Which leads to you buying pieces you already own because you simply didn’t realize you had them… Continue reading “SWEATER WEATHER | How to fold your sweaters & why”