Motivational Monday – Runnin’ Runnin’

I like to run. Not a lot. Not too far. Nor too fast. Don’t get me wrong. I would if I could build it up the way you’re supposed to. But when you have to tune agenda’s with others, it’s not that easy.

So after 1 month of none running, I’d love to get back to it. Even tough I believe it will be another month before we will…

But hey, the thought is there 😊 All we (my niece & me) need, is time.

And some fancy clothing of course 😁 Yes I have enough clothing to run. Yes they are still in perfect condition. No I don’t need new ones. No, I promise, I won’t buy any 😎

But it ain’t forbidden to watch. Nor to share😏

I present to you, my top 5 H&M crushes!

H&M – €29,99

H&M – €29,99

H&M – €29,99

H&M – €24,99

H&M – €24,99

Graphic lines βœ”οΈ

RosΓ© Gold βœ”οΈ

Mesh panels βœ”οΈ

They are so gorgeous I’d wear them all the time 😎 I’d work out all day every day 😹


Would you work out in them? Crushing as much as I am? 😍




Do I hear wedding bells?!? | 5 Do’s & don’ts

We are getting married!!!


Just kidding… That would be the joke of the year ^_^

You either are married or divorced. Single or engaged. You want the complete princess treatement wedding or you had a small private wedding on a beach. Continue reading “Do I hear wedding bells?!? | 5 Do’s & don’ts”


Know your basics | part III

I have nothing to wear.

All women say this at least once in their life. Excuse me, once a week. A day?

Ok. You get the point. We have a closet full of “stuff” and we mostly have no clue what to wear. I personaly have no such issue. Is it because I really do know what I own & where (exactly) to find it in my closet? Maybe. Or is it because I mix EVERY.LITTLE.THING. I have. Perhaps. I reinvent it all. All the time. Of course I have some go to outfits but they’ll rarely look exactly the same. Continue reading “Know your basics | part III”


Know your basics | part I


I could talk an hour about how most of you are afraid to wear
* color
* prints
* mix prints & colors
and how probably most of your wardrobe are probably basics & you still claim to have nothing to wear with such an “eccentric” piece.

Bitch please! 😎

One of my uniforms at the moment is an “eccentric” blue floral skirt & I’ll show you how you could style it up around the clock! Continue reading “Know your basics | part I”