Valentine’s day is all about gifts. But the only gifts you need to buy, are gifts to yourself ^_^ You don’t want to be part of a world wide fake love event do you?

So what do you need? Love! Love is all you need. And there’s nothing more love-screaming than hearts.

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Tested & approved? – Hunkemöller Stick on Bra | Plunge

I work in retail. A Naf Naf Boutique to be more specific. And we sell a lot of dresses. Speciality of ours ^_^ But there are many dresses with an open back and sometimes a lovely ‘décolleté’. And every single day I get asked “Which bra should I wear underneath?” When I tell women about “all the special bras out there” it’s as if I’m talking chinese. Some have never heard of it or have no clue where to get it.

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SWEATER WEATHER | How to fold your sweaters & why

Baby, it’s cold outside. Or not really. Yet…
Doesn’t matter. My thicker sweaters are already on a daily rotation. Because this way I can still wear my thinner jackets with chunky scarfs. Nothing screams FASHION like a well put together outfit consisting of many thought-out layers.

But this isn’t about layering. Storage is where it all begins.
When having a nice overview of all you own in your closet, it does not only save you TIME but also MONEY. Because the things you don’t see are forgotten. Which leads to you buying pieces you already own because you simply didn’t realize you had them… Continue reading “SWEATER WEATHER | How to fold your sweaters & why”