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Mother’s Day – Perfume Gift Guide

When it comes down to make-up & skincare, SEPHORA is my beauty walhalla. Always has been, always will be. I’ll probably never get passed their Black Card but I’m not complaining because lately, they have discounts on the daily. I literally receive one mail after the other…

Now, Mother’s day is right around the corner & we ❤️ to spoil our Mothers don’t we? I prefer to give something classic like perfume or flowers. What else to give to someone who has it all? Continue reading “Mother’s Day – Perfume Gift Guide”

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The Fashionista Gift Guide

You may think that Fashionista’s are a difficult specie when it comes to buying gifts but I’d rather see myself as a little fat kid that you can make happy with cake. By preference chocolate cake with banana or strawberries, some whipped cream and colored sprinkles on top! (Just kidding…) ^_^
No really, we ain’t diva’s.

Of course a Chanel bag or Louboutins won’t get refused but we (by that I mean Fashionista’s) ❤️ small, personal and originals gifts. Even DIY. Don’t we?!? Continue reading “The Fashionista Gift Guide”