Social Media Love

Social Media is an amazing thing. It can do wonders for your professional career but it can be bad for your private life since you spent so much time ‘on being social’. You also can’t compare your own success to someone else’s because they might have bought their online success (I hate it when people do so!) or they might be that much further down the road. Continue reading “Social Media Love”



On instagram I was tagged to do this #20FactsAboutMeTag which is kind of fun! You get to know each other better in a not so serious way. So I also wanted to share this on my blog for all of those who don’t follow me on Instagram (which you should 😝).

Here it goes! Continue reading “#20FactsAboutMeTag”


Everyone deserves a second chance…

Hi Lovelies!

I once started a blog 3 years ago but I wasn’t consistent when it came to posting content on a regular basis. It had a lot of ups and downs… I didn’t want anyone knowing so that’s kind of hard starting out. Not that a lot has changed because still few people know about. Since not one single one of them read my blog I kind of suppose they didn’t/don’t care.

But everyone deserves a second chance so I’m giving this another go! Since I’m having an IPhone, it will be easier to post something during the day. Continue reading “Everyone deserves a second chance…”