SWEET VALENTINE’S DAY | Blonde Brownie Recipe

VALENTINE’S DAY ain’t around the corner no more! It’s right at our doorstep ^_^
I’m not a “Valentine’s Day practicer” because it is way more fun to receive some flowers ‘just because’. Have a nice romantic diner ‘just because’. Buy a little gift ‘just because’!
We, the boyfriend & me, show love & appreciation all day every day ^_^ It drives our beloved ones crazy but we don’t care!
Vday became such a fake happening. The economy won’t say no to it! Flowers, chocolate, parfum, brunches, diner dates, weekend getaways,… Urgh!

But what the heck! It is VDAY so lets try & be romantic. So I decided last minute to bake my favorite: Blonde Brownie! Continue reading “SWEET VALENTINE’S DAY | Blonde Brownie Recipe”


How to behave in a shop

It’s that time of the year again, the official sales. Although there’s always a discount you can benefit from in my shop, this time of the year is horror.

It gets me and many colleagues frustrated.

Why does the word sales turns women into beasts? (Nope, animals really ain’t the right term).

The 3rd of January I try to be as polite as possible and I tell myself I am better than you 😎. You know what they say: “the impolite people need politeness the most”. Continue reading “How to behave in a shop”


And the nominees for the Liebster Award are..

Me! Wauw! Still kind of speechless. I never thought someone would really nominate me for such an award 🙂 It might be “a small and silly thing” but it is special to me ^_^

So a big thank you to the Robyn Le Prix blog! It’s all because of this sweetheart! 🎶 because I’m happy 🎶

So what is this award about? Continue reading “And the nominees for the Liebster Award are..”