Yes it still gets harder in the end: Accessories

Hi lovelies!

After all these years, I find myself loosing most of my time deciding which jewelry to take.
I’m a big shoe addict but most of the time, I already know which one to pack even before starting my 4h I-can’t-decide-what-to-bring-along(!) packing adventure. I’m the kind of I-wake-up-in-the-morning-and-decide-what-to-wear-while-brushing-my-teeth girl, so let along I can pick my jewelry for the next 10 days! For every outfit there’s a perfect accessory combo. An outfit without accessories, is like sex without an orgasm. Continue reading “Yes it still gets harder in the end: Accessories”


The hardest part

Hi Lovelies!

Lets call this episode 3 🙂

Once more the small intro: I’m going to Spain for 10 days and I can only bring 10 kilos (hand luggage) So I felt challenged by #Ryanair.

I talked about the beauty products now lets get down to some serious business! Clothing… Continue reading “The hardest part”