Do I hear wedding bells?!? | 5 Do’s & don’ts

We are getting married!!!


Just kidding… That would be the joke of the year ^_^

You either are married or divorced. Single or engaged. You want the complete princess treatement wedding or you had a small private wedding on a beach. Continue reading “Do I hear wedding bells?!? | 5 Do’s & don’ts”


Fashion Friday | 💣 | SATIN BOMBER JACKETS

Bomber jackets are old news. But SATIN bomber jackets are hot & happening! Every brand has some bomber jackets in their collection. In multiple colors, shapes, textures & details. Continue reading “Fashion Friday | 💣 | SATIN BOMBER JACKETS”


Balmain X H&M Collab

OMG! The wait is over! The campaign photos are out!

If you live on Mars & you have no idea what I am talking about, listen up:

Balmain is this years Designer who gets to work with H&M. The collection gets out on November 5th & it will be drop dead gorgeous!

I visit Balmain on a weekly basis (just kidding, if only…), well H&M that is ^_^ But as a true Balmain Lover I am dying to get my hands on one of the pieces. By preference a dress but their jackets are also so lovely. And their eighties high waisted skirts & trousers. I just love it all so freaking much…

So the campaign pictures are released & I hope you are all as excited as I am! Or maybe not, this way there’s more chance for me to buy some 😉 Continue reading “Balmain X H&M Collab”


Splurge vs Steal – Mara Hoffman Summer Dress

Just like any other fashionista, I ❤ a good deal! People think I spend a lot of money on fashion & beauty products but I disagree! Discount is key to me!
99% of my make-up stash & skincare are bought on sale. When it comes down to clothing, a Splurge vs Steal is a real challenge!

I found once again a really nice one! Continue reading “Splurge vs Steal – Mara Hoffman Summer Dress”