Heaven on Earth: Sephora Fiber Masks

They for sure ain’t new but I discovered them only recently.
The Sephora Fiber Masks.

Being on a super hot holiday in Spain, we went shopping in an air conditioned Shopping Mall. Of course I did some research before we went there and of course I knew there was a Sephora. My favorite beauty store. Wouldn’t wanna miss out on such an opportunity 🙂

Since I like to take care of my skin, especially during summer time, the Sephora Fiber Masks drew my attention. Continue reading “Heaven on Earth: Sephora Fiber Masks”


How to pack your bag in 5 “easy” steps

This is a packing guide for going on an all-in summer holiday for 2 weeks.

I hate packing to go on a holiday. It gives me stress because I hate a limited wardrobe.
Even when I’d follow my own rules I often do not have the dress with me that I would like to wear or shoes or…

Anyway, never pack your bags the night before you leave on a summer holiday (guilty as hell!), you will forget (important) things. Try to pack a week in advance, 1 category at a time/a day. Continue reading “How to pack your bag in 5 “easy” steps”


I’m going on a holiday to Spain and I’m taking along with me…

Finally! I’m going to Spain this Thursday! 10 days of sunshine, love, friendship, delicious food and swimming… Away from the sometimes hectic sales life!
But before I can relax I have to fight the usual “I’m going on a holiday” stress. Packing my suitcase…
After a couple of years, it’s a certain routine but this time it’s a real challenge. I can only bring 10 kilos for 10 days. Ryan Air… It’s a bitch… Continue reading “I’m going on a holiday to Spain and I’m taking along with me…”