Do I hear wedding bells?!? | 5 Do’s & don’ts

We are getting married!!!


Just kidding… That would be the joke of the year ^_^

You either are married or divorced. Single or engaged. You want the complete princess treatement wedding or you had a small private wedding on a beach. Continue reading “Do I hear wedding bells?!? | 5 Do’s & don’ts”


Know your basics | part III

I have nothing to wear.

All women say this at least once in their life. Excuse me, once a week. A day?

Ok. You get the point. We have a closet full of “stuff” and we mostly have no clue what to wear. I personaly have no such issue. Is it because I really do know what I own & where (exactly) to find it in my closet? Maybe. Or is it because I mix EVERY.LITTLE.THING. I have. Perhaps. I reinvent it all. All the time. Of course I have some go to outfits but they’ll rarely look exactly the same. Continue reading “Know your basics | part III”


From cAtwalk to cloZet: Black Cape

September means ‘end of summer’. Less sun, leafs start to fall, days get shorter & colder BUT most importantly it is THE fashion month of the year. So luckily we Fashionistas have something to look forward to once we realize summer is over…

Each year we drool over so many gorgeous looks & each year we wish we could be part of it. Or at least afford 1 piece shown on that fabulous runway!

Luckily for you I now & then spot something that you can buy right as we speak for way less!

Ponchos re-ruled the streets last winter & they are still hitting the runway for coming spring (If only spring was already right behind the corner).

So what did I discover? Continue reading “From cAtwalk to cloZet: Black Cape”


Splurge vs Steal – Mara Hoffman Summer Dress

Just like any other fashionista, I ❤ a good deal! People think I spend a lot of money on fashion & beauty products but I disagree! Discount is key to me!
99% of my make-up stash & skincare are bought on sale. When it comes down to clothing, a Splurge vs Steal is a real challenge!

I found once again a really nice one! Continue reading “Splurge vs Steal – Mara Hoffman Summer Dress”


Splurge vs Steal – Black Handbag

Now & then we all fall victim to a expensive fashion piece. I haven’t yet but there are some pieces on my wish list… If you only knew!

Let start with some tips:

* What I always suggest you to do, before buying something you actually can’t afford, is to



There are always cheaper alternatives & maybe they even look better!
If you’re buying for the fancy name attached to the item, well…

* Or, if you really really really (we all know we actually don’t) don’t need it, is to



If your main reason to buy it, is because it is highly fashionable & it probably won’t be no longer next season, well…

* If you already have a similar piece in your wardrobe, even if this one looks so much better, is that much softer & has gorgeous details, the best you can do is to



Yes! It is that simple! You’re not weak are you? 😈

With all of this been said, on to the through meaning of this post.

I found a great splurge vs steal. Well, actually the splurge ain’t that huge compared to some other handbags but still, every penny
counts right? ^_^



Mansur Gavriel – Saffiano Large Tote – $595



Naf Naf – € 130

Both gorgeous bags. The SPLURGE looks very chic & luxurious & the STEAL looks different because of the suede accents. More casual because of the looser fit.

Which one do you prefer?