Splurge vs Steal – Mara Hoffman Summer Dress

Just like any other fashionista, I ❤ a good deal! People think I spend a lot of money on fashion & beauty products but I disagree! Discount is key to me!
99% of my make-up stash & skincare are bought on sale. When it comes down to clothing, a Splurge vs Steal is a real challenge!

I found once again a really nice one! Continue reading “Splurge vs Steal – Mara Hoffman Summer Dress”


Splurge vs Steal – Black Handbag

Now & then we all fall victim to a expensive fashion piece. I haven’t yet but there are some pieces on my wish list… If you only knew!

Let start with some tips:

* What I always suggest you to do, before buying something you actually can’t afford, is to



There are always cheaper alternatives & maybe they even look better!
If you’re buying for the fancy name attached to the item, well…

* Or, if you really really really (we all know we actually don’t) don’t need it, is to



If your main reason to buy it, is because it is highly fashionable & it probably won’t be no longer next season, well…

* If you already have a similar piece in your wardrobe, even if this one looks so much better, is that much softer & has gorgeous details, the best you can do is to



Yes! It is that simple! You’re not weak are you? 😈

With all of this been said, on to the through meaning of this post.

I found a great splurge vs steal. Well, actually the splurge ain’t that huge compared to some other handbags but still, every penny
counts right? ^_^



Mansur Gavriel – Saffiano Large Tote – $595



Naf Naf – € 130

Both gorgeous bags. The SPLURGE looks very chic & luxurious & the STEAL looks different because of the suede accents. More casual because of the looser fit.

Which one do you prefer?


The Bling Bling Issue: Splurge vs Steal

Elegant – Delicate – Dainty rings somehow became my favorites…

It’s classy. And mostly they make your fingers look smaller & longer (as do the right form of fingernails but we ain’t gonna discuss that right now).

Eva Fehren has some lovely designs. There’s this one specific piece that I have been drooling over for months, but it is way above my paycheck. Continue reading “The Bling Bling Issue: Splurge vs Steal”


The Bag Issue part II: Splurge vs Steal

I think my love for the Drew Bag has been made clear. Perfect Perfection! *Sounds so cool!*

The not so cool part is that I cannot splurge on this heavenly little piece…

So I browsed the internet for some cheaper alternatives. And ok, maybe some equally priced bags but they were too gorgeous for not being included in this post…

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Splurge vs Steal – Love vs Hate: JC Lita Shoes

Lita Shoes. You love them or you don’t. It is that simple. I know I didn’t in the beginning. “OMG, seriously?!?” Was probably my 1st reaction. But it became a passionate love affair. Once I saw them in an outfit picture I thought they didn’t look that bad at all. And then they took over the internet and I became highly obsessed with them. Now and then I still believe they are not pretty at all but when I look at them from a different angle, I fall in love again. Continue reading “Splurge vs Steal – Love vs Hate: JC Lita Shoes”


The leather issue part II: Splurge vs Steal

(Faux) Leather is such a nice texture to add to your outfit. It makes it all that more interesting. Especially when it ain’t the most common piece, a leather jacket.

Wearing leather skirts, shorts and pants are a real challenge to some! I love wearing leather bottoms but I do not find many loving people in my inner circle…

There are so many versions out there! To start with faux and real leather.
I could present you all kind of types but lets stick to 1 particular item: jogger pants. My current favorite ^_^

If you’d like to try it out, I present to you: Continue reading “The leather issue part II: Splurge vs Steal”