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Closet Spring Cleaning – Detox your wardrobe

Preparation is key. Especially when it comes down to spring cleaning your closet. Imagine one day you decide to start spring cleaning out of the blue, just like that, because you feel like it. Chances are real it won’t go all that well. I need to think it through or my dressing room would look like hit by a storm. Which it is either way but when you have a certain goal, it will go that much easier & faster. Continue reading “Closet Spring Cleaning – Detox your wardrobe”

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Closets – Pinspo

When looking for inspiration, no matter the subject, I turn to Pinterest.

In this case, cleaning out my closet. Or yours. Because mine has been cleaned. I turned my whole dressing room inside out! I’ll show you later on because I know some of you will need proof 😊 Continue reading “Closets – Pinspo”