The Travelers Gift Guide

Does your friend likes city trips?
Then you can always surprise her with a ticket to her favorite destination!
Or simply buy her one of these…

IMG_7392.JPG Continue reading “The Travelers Gift Guide”


How to pack your bag in 5 “easy” steps

This is a packing guide for going on an all-in summer holiday for 2 weeks.

I hate packing to go on a holiday. It gives me stress because I hate a limited wardrobe.
Even when I’d follow my own rules I often do not have the dress with me that I would like to wear or shoes or…

Anyway, never pack your bags the night before you leave on a summer holiday (guilty as hell!), you will forget (important) things. Try to pack a week in advance, 1 category at a time/a day. Continue reading “How to pack your bag in 5 “easy” steps”


Yes it still gets harder in the end: Accessories

Hi lovelies!

After all these years, I find myself loosing most of my time deciding which jewelry to take.
I’m a big shoe addict but most of the time, I already know which one to pack even before starting my 4h I-can’t-decide-what-to-bring-along(!) packing adventure. I’m the kind of I-wake-up-in-the-morning-and-decide-what-to-wear-while-brushing-my-teeth girl, so let along I can pick my jewelry for the next 10 days! For every outfit there’s a perfect accessory combo. An outfit without accessories, is like sex without an orgasm. Continue reading “Yes it still gets harder in the end: Accessories”


I’m going on a holiday to Spain and I’m taking along with me…

Finally! I’m going to Spain this Thursday! 10 days of sunshine, love, friendship, delicious food and swimming… Away from the sometimes hectic sales life!
But before I can relax I have to fight the usual “I’m going on a holiday” stress. Packing my suitcase…
After a couple of years, it’s a certain routine but this time it’s a real challenge. I can only bring 10 kilos for 10 days. Ryan Air… It’s a bitch… Continue reading “I’m going on a holiday to Spain and I’m taking along with me…”